Legal And ID Theft Protection Services

legal protection plans

LegalShield believes everyone deserves access to affordable legal protection. And for over 40 years, we have been providing members with affordable attorney access. For as little as $20 a month, LegalShield gives you the power to talk to an attorney about any personal legal issue.

We were looking for an IDtheft protection services and LegalShield proved to be the best and at a reasonable price. We were so excited about the Legal and ID theft services that we became LegalShield Associates and market the products. Besides the Personal Legal Plan, the company offers Legal plans for Home Based Business. Small Business up to 100 employees and Commercial Drivers Legal Plan.

Our dedicated attorney network is the framework that enables our members to pick up the phone and call an accomplished law firm that is ready and willing to help with any personal legal issue. Our attorneys have an average of 19 years of experience and are paid in advance which means they are motivated and obligated to provide the best possible legal assistance.

LegalShield Services

Legal Shield identity protection Your monthly membership fee gives you access to a quality law firm in your state. Call about any personal legal issue.

Legal Shield ID Theft Services offered : Personal Legal Advice - Unlimited number of issues (up to 50 hours per year). Access to 24/7 Emergency for covered situations along with the services listed below:

* Letters/Calls made on your behalf
* Contracts/Documents Reviewed up to 10 pages each (up to 5 per year)
* Lawyers Prepare - Your Will, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney
* Traffic-Related Issues
* IRS Audit Assistance
* Civil Trial Defense for covered situations
* Trail and Pre-Trial

* LegalShield Members qualify for a discounted hourly rate for:
1. Pre-existing issues
2. Plaintiff in a lawsuit
3. Defendant in excess of trial hours

Identity Protection

Legal Shield Independent Associate Frank & Gloria Nargie - Las Vegas

702 706-7315
Online Store: Online Legal Shield Store

LegalSheild And IDSheild Plan Benefits

We Monitor What Matters - Your Privacy, SSN, DOB, DMV, Passport, Address, Email, Web persona, And more! Identity theft (ID Theft) is repeatedly the #1 consumer complaint category in America. Identity theft manifests itself in many different ways:

Credit fraud, social security fraud, driver's license fraud, medical fraud, criminal/character fraud, tax return fraud, bank accounts, credit card, loans are just a few ways ID Theft occurs.

Over the past 30 years, LegalShield has chosen some of the finest law firms throughout North America to serve our members. In addition, all our law firms are paid in advance, so instead of worrying about billing you, our attorneys are waiting to serve you.

It's that simple. Just contact your Provider Law Firm directly to speak with a qualified experienced attorney about any legal issue. We even provide 24/7 access for emergencies.

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